Deadline is 18 Jan 2023

I agree to these terms and deadlines:

  • I will deliver fresh content (not presented at other conferences) which will be entirely my work (and my co-presenter), and all content (scripts, PPTX, etc.) will be uploaded to sched before MMS starts.
  • I promise to meet the following deadlines:
7 days after acceptance
Complete your attendee profile (bio & picture) on
18 MAR 2023
1st draft of PPT due. Email to [email protected]
15 APR 2023
2nd draft of PPT draft due. Email to [email protected]
15 APR 2023
Submit your airline receipt to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No airline reimbursement after this date!
22 APR 2023
Final presentation due (post on site for attendees to review/download)

I agree to these participation guidelines:

  • I will present at least two sessions with another speaker (there is no such thing as 'main' speaker).
  • Attend and participate in the conference all five days (5pm Sunday - 6:30pm Thursday).
  • Attend Nerds of a Feather (NoF) session and camping sessions where scheduled.
  • Wear my speaker-wear daily and make myself available to attendees.
  • Engage with attendees - help them see the value of the community.
  • My session may mention 3rd party (non-Microsoft) products, but will not promote sales or demonstrations of paid-for 3rd party products. (If you're interested in selling or demonstrating a product, please contact us at [email protected] to be a sponsor).
  • I understand that missing deadlines could result in canceling my reimbursement or acceptance to speak.
  • I will promote MMS in social media and will use the speaker logo (to be shared, once I'm approved) in my email signature and blog posts when possible.

Flight reimbursement:

  • We will reimburse up to $1,250 maximum international and $650 USD.
  • You must submit your receipt on time (by 15 APR 2023)

We're excited about MOA and look forward to having you as part of the MMS Speaker Team!



Good example of submission

Session Title:

The Holy Grail for Driver Management

Session Description:

Tired of how you do driver management in ConfigMgr today? In this session we'll provide you with a method that doesn't require you to import drivers into the driver catalog, doesn't require you to modify your task sequences when a new hardware model needs to be supported, and can dynamically detect what drivers to implement, yet still gives you full control.

Session Take-Aways:

  • More details about the new Download Content tasksequence step
  • A simplified way of installing drivers during OSDeployment
  • Some examples of how to make this approach super-dynamic
Tips for session submission

Plan for 75 min of content and 30 min of Q & A

How deep is your content? Give us (and attendees) an idea of the target audience. Think of use cases on how your content will apply to the target audience.

Goals of the session - we find that it's helpful to include information in your description that helps attendees understand what they will learn and the value they will obtain.

We know that tech evolves fast - if you want to submit content on something that is not yet released, or expected to change before MMS, please include this information in your proposal - we will work with you to refine the session description as we approach the conference.

We require each session to have two presenters. While some presenters prefer to present alone, we have seen many of our presenters really enjoy the opportunity to work with someone else. Many times, it was someone that they had known (or known of) for several years, but never really worked together or got to know. If you wish, we can pair you up with someone (and might have to if they're booked for another session at the same time).

Four (co-presented) sessions max for each speaker! Many of our speakers have been overworked in the past – we are limiting speakers session count (not including Nerds of a Feather and Ask-the-Expert sessions).

Help us get to know you. We know most of you, but we don't know all of you. When you submit your sessions, include information to help us learn more about you - your LinkedIn profile, blog posts, and other places on the web that you share content. This will help us determine if you (and your content) are a good fit as a presenter at MMS.

MMS is a deep technical conference. We expect level 300, 400, and deeper content. Of course, 'levels' are subjective. If you say it's a 400 level session, tell us how it's a 400 level session.

Session selection

We start session selections in February, meeting weekly until all slots are filled. If none of your sessions are selected, we might come ask you to co-present with someone else's session or run a Nerds of a Feather session. Submission deadline is 15 JAN 2023.

What is a co-speaker?

A co-speaker is simply a second speaker in a session. Forget the idea of a "lead speaker" at MMS. Both speakers are equal and both accountable for meeting deadlines. MMS always has two speakers so sessions become more conversational in nature and send a message to the audience that this is closer to a discussion than a sermon. Feel free to show disagreement in a session; attendees get to see there isn't one pure answer to any question. You can have fun and go deep tech at the same time.

Why do you pair up speakers?
Our attendees love multiple perspectives, and as a speaker, it gives you a chance to collaborate with someone as well as share the load of a session, giving you a chance to pause, think, and add perspective while your co-speaker is talking.
Why can’t you guarantee my requested co-speaker?
For many reasons, but at its core, it’s a numbers thing – we simply can’t support adding all requested co-speakers, because we would have three times as many speakers and 25% fewer attendees if we did that. We will try to pair you with whom you requested, but if we can’t, we ask you to be flexible. If you consider not selecting your co-speaker a show-stopper, reconsider the sessions your submitting.
"Be Present" means what exactly?
Look at our attendee feedback each year and talk with speakers from previous MMS.  We really want you to engage, before, during, and after your sessions, at lunch, in social gatherings, and anywhere else. Therefore, we ask you to wear your jacket, and why we don’t have a speaker room. The point of our conference is for attendees to connect with both you and other attendees – your job as a speaker is to help facilitate that.
Must I attend the entire conference?
Absolutely! From the speaker meeting on Sunday to the end of the last session on the last day. As mentioned, this isn’t about a one-way presentation from you to attendees – this is about being present, engaging, and being available for the duration of the conference.  Help us help attendees make MMS the best conference they can attend!
I’m not social, is that OK?
Well, it will be difficult. If we don’t know anything about you, and you don’t appear to be stepping out, there’s little chance you’ll be selected. We acknowledge that sometimes it’s hard to come out of your shell, but we really need you to at MMS.
How can I best prepare?
User groups! Go speak at user groups and encourage attendees to be social – we love seeing tweet storms where people talk about a presenter knocking it out of the park!
MMS Code of Conduct

MMS seeks to create a respectful, friendly, and professional experience for all participants. As such, we do not tolerate harassing or disrespectful behavior, messages, images, or interactions by any event participant, in any form, at any aspect of the program including business and social activities, regardless of location.

We encourage everyone to assist in creating a welcoming and safe environment. Please report any concerns, harassing behavior, suspicious or disruptive activity to the nearest security guard or event staff. MMS reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or remove any person from, MMS at any time in its sole discretion.

What's new for 2023?

Speaker Friday

  • An optional day to stay after MMS with other speakers
  • MMS will foot the bill for lunch and your hotel if you stay
  • More details about this day coming

Northern Lights

  • The theme for hoodies will be a Northern Lights look
  • Speaker tents decorated to match the theme
  • Speakers will get two tents this year so everyone gets a chance
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