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What was MMS 2024 at MOA?

This full MMS edition was held May 2024 at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN and followed the same recipe for all MMS events:

  • Sessions with two or more speakers
  • Extremely long Q&A for every session
  • Evening beer sessions
  • Smaller rooms and overall size to make sure you can get your questions in
  • Same great speakers from past MMS events

MMS at MOA also brought back our unique Stargazing Sessions!  Attendees signed up for 15 minutes private sessions to talk to an MVP or Microsoft in a tent. Sponsors held great evening events like Fair on 4 (Patch My PC), FireLake Happy Hour (Recast) and Curling (Adaptiva). And of course, 2Pint took the Brewery Sponsorship like they do every year taking a good 50 people out to local breweries on Sunday.

The actual conference was held again at the Radisson Blu at MOA. We love this location for the quick access to the ballrooms, for the great white speaker\attendee table by the FireLake Grill, and of course, the FireLake itself which has outstanding food and is always a great evening hangout to talk tech all evening. 772 speakers, sponsors, and attendees showed up for the week for intense systems management sessions and fun networking with peers and Microsoft.

We had two bands at the welcome reception and introduced social coins for drinks and prizes.

Attendee Quotes

It exceeded my expectations - as a veteran of the "big ones" (TechEd, Ignite, Citrix, etc.) I'd take MMS over any of those, any day of the week.

A Family Reunion centered around a tech conference!

Awesome! Every year I am amazed at the content, and often torn between which sessions to attend. Everyone is so knowledgeable and will to share their experiences and suggestions. Definitely worth the time!

Best conference I have ever attended!

Best place to learn and network endpoint management

Best week of my professional career. (first time visitor)

Confirmation that we are on the right path in our modern management journey.

Drinking from the firehose -- No matter how many times I come, I am always overwhelmed with the wealth of knowledge at MMS. Both from the speakers presentations but also the attendees.

Fantastic experience and an opportunity to meet the people that are writing the things I’m implementing, most definitely worth the flight!

Great exchange of techniques and methods I can use at work

Great to meet the celebrity speakers and learn from them as well as connect with peers.

I definitely learned more here than I did in college.

I made new connections that I didn't expect.

I show up every year to MMS as a grumpy, burned out mess and always leave feeling recharged and inspired. (...and exhausted, but in the best way possible.)

Incredible experience with easy access to knowledgeable people.

Informative, fun, and full of great, experienced presenters!

It was very refreshing being in a room with the experts who almost always had the answers to questions.

MMS is my favorite time of the year above all events and activities related to my work!

MMS is the best conference I attend, hands down!

My 10th MMS and I’m still learning a ton every year.

My favorite time of the year is MMS!

Pocket full of tokens and head full knowledge!

Thanks! Now I have more work when I get home

The ability to get in contact with major suppliers like HP and Microsoft is amazing!

The content and people are worth the trip every year.

The most productive conference I have ever attended and for the second time!

There is no conference like this! I love it!

This conference delivered relevant content and solutions to modern day problems facing the IT department


    During MMS 2024 at MOA, speakers, sponsors, and attendees participated in auctions and donations to help gift $15,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Twin Cities. Their CEO, Pat Sukhum, spoke to us Monday evening before the State of the Union session making a good case for the cause.