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You asked for it - here's a great starting point to create your business case for attending MMS.

To: < manager name > Date: < insert date >

From: < your name > Subject: MMS Proposal

I would like to request approval to attend the Midwest Management Summit (MMS – in Bloomingtom, MN, May 5 - 9. This conference is a unique opportunity to help develop not only my system management skills and competencies, but also a chance to build upon our current systems management practices. This is a great opportunity for me to be a part of the systems management community and to take home best practices, new ideas, and real world insights for program improvement that I can share with our entire team.

MMS will highlight technical training across all Microsoft systems management product lines, current and upcoming releases, new features and technological trends, as well as the real-world challenge to success. The 4-day conference will have training with a variety of sessions, product demos, real world issues and solutions, networking, and other social elements. The conference strives to meet three goals: top quality real world content and presenters, intimate size, and affordability.

I am seeking our organization’s approval for the registration fee and travel expenses. This event is an incredible value considering the comprehensive array of sessions, hands-on experiences, and the networking opportunities.

Here is an approximate breakdown of conference costs:

  • Airfare: < add flight expenses >
  • Transportation: Free hotel shuttle
  • Hotel: Included in base price
  • Meals: Approx. $200
  • Conference Fee: $2649

The total cost based on the numbers above is < add your estimated figure >.

Other Common Questions:

  • What is the conference about? The conference focuses on deep technical content on systems management and Azure offerings featuring world-class presenters. Technical sessions at MMS will be level 300, 400, and 500.

  • Who will I meet there? I will meet industry experts that are globally recognized that provide real world information for me to gain knowledge from as well as my peers in systems management to glean experiences from. Because of the intimate size, I will have the opportunity to take time to meet the presenters. There’s time to actually absorb what I see and talk with over with speakers and other attendees. 

  • Why is it good for me to meet and network with those people? Many of those in attendance are willing to provide contact information to provide minor guidance on technical issues.

  • What will I learn there? The content that is presented is specific to my role vs Ignite being an aggregation of all Microsoft technologies. There will be over 100 sessions focused on systems management, Azure, Defender, SQL Server and PowerShell.

  • How will this learning enhance what I can offer to my employer? I can bring my current issues and roadmap discussions to technology specialists in their area of expertise.

  • Are there any practical benefits that will result? Possible remediation of current issues, guidance on where to go in the future from a technology standpoint, and real world pitfalls that were experienced and what to do to avoid them.

MMS has the ideal opportunity for me to strengthen my skill set and make valuable contacts with others in our industry. Attendance at this conference can be considered part of our organization’s investment in the future.

If you find it helpful, I am happy to provide a report following the convention to my colleagues with access to the presentations and information shared at the event.

Thank you for your consideration.

< your name >