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Several things are changing this year at MMS 2024 at MOA. Take a look!
  • 5pm sessions have been rebranded as Happy Hour, focusing on soft skills in each room.

    On Monday evening, we'll continue the tradition of hosting the conference's largest gathering, The State of the Union, at 5pm. For the remaining evenings, the 5pm Happy Hour will feature smaller, intimate sessions. These will provide a relaxed way to conclude the day, offering not only informative content but also a diverse range of topics.

  • In 2023, we expanded our reception to utilize all the ballrooms, and we're excited to continue this in 2024. Each room will feature a unique theme (music, games, etc.), and upon registration, you'll receive a passport. As you explore the ballrooms, visit each themed room to collect a stamp. Completing your passport earns you a drink coin for Happy Hour. Note you can get details on what's going on in each room in sched.

    This setup is designed to enhance your networking opportunities and help you familiarize yourself with the venue's layout before sessions begin the following day.

    Wondering where to start your evening? The choice is yours—feel free to mingle anywhere!

    Our own Steve Jesok is bringing his band to Lakes A this year.

    Speed Dating in Minnetonka BC will allow you to meet a random speaker for 5 minutes. It's a fun way to network and hasn't been tried at MMS since the old MMS days.

  • Drink Coins:
    Drink Coins

    For 2024, instead of drink tickets, you'll receive a coin when you pick up your badge at the registration table which can be exchanged for a free drink during Happy Hour (formerly known as beer sessions). Don't worry, we also offer sodas and non-alcoholic beverages.

    This year, MMS introduces multiple ways to earn additional coins, which can be redeemed for drinks or saved up for higher value items (details to be announced). Earn coins by:

    • Ask insightful questions in sessions
    • Return your completed welcome reception passport
    • Return a completed bingo card
    • Chat with speakers (more than just asking for a coin)
    • Shoot a video with our videographer, Sam

    Drinks can still be purchased with cash if you prefer.

    Prize Coins:
    Prize Coins

    Sponsors will hand a rare few out each day to anyone they choose, so go visit them!

    Keep as a collectible or trade them for prizes (after 4pm each day at the reception desk). Limited supply of each daily:

    • $15 FireLake card
    • Stargazing projector
    • Extra Stargazing Session

    Special Coins:
    Special Coins

    Speakers and staff might award you on the spot when they see you doing something really extraordinary during MMS. This coin gets you into the last day raffle to win one of:

    • 64 GB 2TB Dell laptop
    • 49" curved Samsung 4K monitor (you pay for shipping if not local)

    It's all about networking! MMS is as much a networking event as it is a technical event.

  • For 2024, instead of escape rooms to encourage networking with your peers and speakers, we've acquired tickets for:

    • Nickelodeon Universe wristbands
    • Moose Mountain minigolf passes
    • Rock of Ages blacklight minigolf passes

    These will be available Sunday and they'll either show in sched or you can get tickets from the registration table in the foyer.

    Note: no cost to speakers or attendees. You may sign up for one session only. Users found signing up for more than one will be removed from all.