Who runs MMS?

MNSCUG was a user group in Minnesota (now spun off as the Twin Cities Systems Management User Group). What's left behind is a non-profit run by MVPs and ex-MVPs and volunteers who strive to put on an event which we think will offer attendees something we always wanted out of the old Microsoft Management Summit, but never achieved. Something small enough where attendees don't get lost in a crowd. Where you can actually find speaker and vendors and approach them with your questions. Where speakers are not rushed off the stage for the next speaker, but have plenty of Q&A time is left and discussions can continue freely. At MMS, you should plan to find:

  • Sessions put on by the best and brightest who actually do this stuff in the real world
  • Intimate sessions where you can actually interact with the presenter
  • A price tag that represents a community focus

Who is attending the Midwest Management Summit?

The audience at MMS are primarily Microsoft customers and partners divided into the following groups:

  • IT-professionals - Technical experts, influencers and implementers
  • Microsoft System Center Partners
  • Solution Architects and Testers
  • CIO's, CTO's and Technical Managers
  • Former Microsoft Management Summit Alumni

Target number of participants for MMS 2020: 750 attendees - that's not a gimmick. It's an insurance to make sure you're not lost in the crowd! Knowing the hotel logistics and the size of rooms and our history with repeat sessions, we feel comfortable with a little bump in attendee count. Also, watch for our "Edition" events in the fall where we go on the road to other cities with an attendee cap of around 250.