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Several things are changing this year at MMS 20203 at MOA. Take a look!
  • Welcome Reception

    Where we used to bunch up into one big ballroom, this year the entire MMS set of ballrooms will host the reception. Each room will have its own theme. You'll get a passport during registration to use during the reception. Visit each room for a stamp. Completion of the passport gets you a drink ticket the next night for use during the Beer Sessions.

    The benefit here is you will have more networking options and will be able to learn the layout before sessions start the next day.

  • Speaker Theme

    Nature seems to have taken our lead here as its been showing us northern lights recently (for us living in the north). Instead of lumberjack shirts, you'll see our speakers clad in jackets with a northern lights theme.

  • Stargazing Sessions

    To match the northern lights theme, camping sessions are called Stargazing Sessions. This year, we'll have two tents for speakers instead of one. This gives you more chances of sitting with a speaker. The red tent will remain the tent with Microsoft staff.

  • Escape Rooms

    To help you meet other attendees and speakers, we've ordered up Escape Rooms again this year.

    Get locked in with a speaker and fellow attendees for an hour and work together to escape before the hour is up. We think this is a great way to meet new people and be able to rub elbows with speakers and MVPs.

    Note: no cost to speakers or attendees. You may sign up for one session only. Users found signing up for more than one will be removed from all. You'll see these open Sunday afternoon and each evening.

  • Drink Tickets

    You're used to getting drink tickets from the registration table? They're for use at the beer sessions (yes, we have sodas and non-alcoholic beers). Well this year, we're making you earn those tickets. You have all day to hit up speakers or sponsors to stamp your bingo card. Bring that filled out bingo to the registration table for a drink ticket. You can still buy beverages with cash.

  • Discord

    This year we're going to try to get you timely communications at MMS via Discord.

    Sign up and network with peers and speakers. We're also working on ways to use Discord to reward you for networking during MMS.