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Cabana Sessions


Microsoft Cabana sessions offer you 20 minutes to speak directly with Microsoft developers to bring up issues or offer suggestions for improvement to anything related to MEMCM.

Bring your notebook or simply ask the Microsoft developers to open their console and repeat your steps on what isn't working\making sense\could do better.

Speaker Cabana sessions offer you 20 minutes with MMS speakers where you can ask anything you like in privacy. You can also just use this time to meet with your favorite speaker.


The hotel map shows the cabanas outside in the Americana lawn area. If the weather is too hot or it's raining, we'll hold them inside near the elevators. We could slot an extra cabana for speakers if weather holds - there isn't room inside for two speaker cabanas and a Microsoft one.

Cabana sessions will run at the same time as other sessions. Feel free to leave your current session for 20 minutes and pop back in when done with your cabana session; speakers won't be offended by your walking out. They know to expect it.


Cabana Sessions cannot be booked in directly.

Find Wally to book your session. You are likely to spot him at the registration desk or out at the cabanas.

Wally will take walk-ups on a case-by-case basis throughout the week. Just ask if anything is currently open.

Limit: 1 session per attendee max per day (but again, if a cabana is open when you walk-up, Wally can let you in).