Based on popularity for MMS 2020 at MOA session selection by attendees, we plan to work towards making the following list of sessions happen. Due to the much reduced size of MMS Midway, we might lean more on our Survival Sessions than on breakout sessions to enable more private and perfectly tailored discussions to help you get the most out of Midway.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager - State of the Union
The 1e MMS Welcome Reception
A Geek's Guide to ConfigMgr Troubleshooting
MMS Tips & Tricks Showcase
ConfigMgr Product Team - Something Really Cool
Everything you Wanted to Know about Bitlocker but were Afraid to Ask (Bitlocker Deep Dive)
MEM Product Team Q&A - Drinking & Thinking
Managing ConfigMgr Client Health
MMS Quiz Night
ConfigMgr Community Tools: 2020 Edition
10 things you should know before going modern management
Desktop Analtyics and how to use it for your next Win10 upgrade
Notes from the Field - Troubleshooting Windows 10 Upgrades
Managing Browsers in a Multi-browser World
Windows Autopilot: Compare your options
Windows Autopilot: Latest news, features, and capabilities
Building a BIOS Management Framework
Understanding CMG, Desktop Analytics, and CMPivot
Windows 10 Customizations -The Aftermath
The Holy Grail of Driver Management
ConfigMgr and Power BI Better Together
Windows as a Service in the Enterprise 1909 Edition
Troubleshoot ConfigMgr with Microsoft Support Center
Using MSIX as THE Installer for your Enterprise
Toss the TS : Deploy Windows 10 Feature Updates using Windows Servicing
Cloud Attach your ConfigMgr environment - 2020 Edition
Letting Intune do the Patching
Intune Win32app vs. ConfigMgr App model - Deathmatch
Rewriting your task sequence story with PowerShell
Advanced Device & Application Management in Intune
Getting in the Weeds with CM Applications
Windows Admin Center - Whats New and Awesome!
Using Scripts and Automation to be creative with Windows Autopilot
PowerShell GUIs - Deeper than ever
Keep it simple when deploying Office 365
Automating with the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit
Secure & Reduce Your Attack Surface on Intune Devices with Microsoft Defender ATP
Deep Dive into ConfigMgr AdminService
What's New in ConfigMgr (working title)
Application management for Windows 10 in Intune
Migration from GPOs to MDM Profiles - Deep Dive
Software Update Reporting Data - Deep Dive
User Friendly App Deployments
I'm Givin'er All She's Got! Add More 'Power' to Microsoft Endpoint Manager
User State Management - Choose Your Path!
Defending the Castle (The Demo-only edition!)
Deep Dive ConfigMgr and Power BI
The Log Analytics of MEM!
Microsoft Endpoint Manager - ConfigMgr - Back to the Basics
Zero to Hero with Windows Virtual Desktop