Instead of Escape Rooms this year, you are doing VOID VR games. Do they document their cleaning procedures?
The VOID uses antibacterial and antiviral gym wipes to disinfect all pieces of the RIGs after each use. Touch points throughout the stage are also wiped down continuously as are any props our travelers touch. RIGs are also sprayed with Lysol after each use.
What if I have to cancel before the June 26th deadline?
Log onto Eventzilla and request a refund. If you have a hotel reservation, call the hotel directly to cancel. Cancellation deadline is 3 April, 2021.
Might MMS just do webcasts instead of the hotel sessions?
Nope. That's like saying we can't rent you a car, but here is a bike. MMS is a networking event designed to meet and interact with others. There isn't a virtual equivilant.
Can I just transfer my MOA ticket to another event?
Plausibly. Stay tuned for details.
I'm worried I might get sick, can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
Yes, certainly! Log onto Eventzilla, view your ticket and choose the link to contact the organizer. However, be aware that we can't promise matching shirt size to the new attendee. Thank you for taking this step.