Time to Vote!

Voting for sessions has now begun. Voting helps us match sessions to various room sizes based on demand.

We have begun posting sessions and now want to point out a few items:

  • The sessions are real, the time slots are NOT. You will notice that all sessions are at the same time on Monday, May 3rd with a location "VOTING." So at this point, you are not signing up for a session, you are simply voting.
  • Sessions will trickle in over the next few weeks – We will be posting more than 115 unique sessions, so keeping check back often to see what's new.
  • 2-3 weeks prior to MMS 2020, we will flush the entire set of sessions and bring them back with real dates and times.
  • We'll email you all to let you know that real session registrations are open and at that point you can sign up with dates and times.

Your votes help us to ensure we slot each session for the appropriate sized room with the least amount of collisions. For sessions that are very popular, we will also create repeat sessions to make it a little easier to fit it into your schedule. Please note that as mentioned above, we will slot each session in April. At that time, we will remove all session selections, and ask you to re-select your sessions based on the slotted time. That will be your true, final session slotting.

Keep an eye on @mmsmoa for up-to-date information!