Jam Sessions

MMS has held both Cabana Sessions as well as Camping Sessions! Keeping in line with that theme, MMS Jazz Edition is bringing you Jam Sessions!


Ask any of our great speakers and they’ll tell you that asking questions of others is what made them into the who they are today. Sitting in a jam session helps make you a better musician; sitting in our Jam Sessions will help make you a better tech.

You can book 20-minute private sessions with Microsoft or your favorite speakers and MVPs! This is your opportunity to spend individual time, ask a specific question, or give specific feedback.

Jam sessions will run at the same time as other sessions. Feel free to leave your current session for 20 minutes and pop back in when done with your jam session; speakers won't be offended by your walking out. They know to expect it.


The hotel map shows the three rooms upstairs.

  • The Dev Jam (DJam? tongue-out) room will focus on UI design of the ConfigMgr console with Microsoft CM developers. Is there something that always irks you in the ConfigMgr console? This is the time to bring it up, in a ‘show and tell’ format. Bring your notebook or simply ask the Microsoft developers to open their console and repeat your steps on what isn’t working/making sense/could be better.
  • For the two other Jam Sessions, anything goes. Come in and ask Speakers\MVPs questions, build relationships, and share war stories - we just look forward to you coming in and talking tech! Have you been a little too scared to ask something in front of others, even at our small MMS sessions? This is your chance!


All Jam Sessions will show in sched.com as being full!

Sign up for the wait list to try to get in. If you're already booked for that hour, sched.com won' t let you double book. When the opening reception ends on Sunday - around 7pm, double booking will be allowed in sched.com so you can also try to get on the wait list then.

Sched.com should make it clear when you're approved. Alternatively and probably your best bet:

Find Wally at the registration desk on Sunday to have him slot you in the session you want (pick only one as there are more attendees than speakers and devs). Wally will take walk-ups on a case-by-case basis throughout the week. You'll find him right outside the Jam rooms. Just ask if anything is currently open.

Check in with Wally and he'll direct you to the right room.