MMS 2018

Update: 2018 is sold out.


  • Welcome Reception on May 13th at 5 pm
  • May 14th -May 17th 2018


We sold out in February of 2018 leaving a huge waiting list.  To help folks who couldn't register for 2018, we're working on a 2-day version for December of this year (in a warmer location).

MMS Desert Edition


  • Welcome Reception on Dec 2nd at 5 pm
  • December 3rd & 4th 2018 (2 full days)


  • Door Buster - $300 off
  • Registration, 3 nights hotel, 2 lunches - $1599
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MMS 2019


  • Welcome Reception on May 5th at 5 pm
  • May 6th -May 9th 2019 (4 full days)


  • Early bird - $999
  • Standard rate - $1,799

Interested in speaking? Call for Sessions  will be open from November 20th - December 20th 2018.


Registration opens around July 2018.  Keep an eye on our blog, as well as twitter (@mmsmoa) and Facebook.

Q's? Check out our FAQ:

MMS 2018 Evals - The Results Are In!

We would like to thank our attendees, speakers, sponsors, Do Good Events, and especially our volunteers for helping make MMS an outstanding community event. It takes all of us collectively to create an event that exceeds expectations year after year, and we (the MMS staff) are very proud of that.

MMS 2018 results are in, and we're excited to share them with you.

  • 97% of attendees said that MMS 2018 is above average or great compared to other events
  • 95% of attendees said they would recommend MMS to their peers.
  • 95% said the technical depth was just right
  • 89% of attendees said they would return for MMS 2019 (pending approval to attend from work)

On top of our general feedback, we also query our speakers for feedback. Here's what they said:

  • 100% of speakers said they enjoyed presenting at MMS 2018
  • 98% of speakers said that they felt MMS fostered community
  • 100% of speakers said MMS 2018 was a great event, and 92% of speakers said they will return next year (pending approval)

We are very lucky to have the great combination of speakers, attendees and sponsors to make MMS a success. We also took your constructive feedback for venue, lunch time, logistics, and other session feedback, so that we can make MMS 2019 even better.

Look at our summary of feedback results here: MMS 2018 Evals are in!

Watch for more announcements regarding Desert Edition!

The MMS Team

MMS 2018 Evals are in!

We really couldn't be happier with these results. They really show that we've nailed a great formula here for success.

MMS 2017 Eval Results